12 Unique Christmas Cookies to Try This Year

Seemingly on the heels of Thanksgiving, what most consider the most wonderful time of the year, which brings about its own famous traditions such as festive trees, jolly men in red suits with white beards, and making special cookies, is far from being over! Although there are so many wonderful baking traditions observed every Christmas time, there is just something magical about making those special Christmas cookies.

However, maybe this year you’re looking to add something new to the tradition along with all of the classic favorites, but nothing has stood out. Or perhaps this is your first Christmas where you’re attempting to make cookies and you want to try to make something different. Whether you’re making them for a gathering, with some special kids in your life, or you’re getting prepared for a certain visitor on Christmas Eve, we’ve gathered a list of twelve unique Christmas cookies that you can try this year.

Ginger Cookies

If you love your ginger cookies but aren’t wanting to make gingerbread men or houses, you could go for a more unique approach. The simplest way to achieve this is to find cookie cutters that reflect your personal interests or things that your loved ones like. To take it a step further they can still be decorated like gingerbread men, but instead you’ll have fun, unique ginger cookies that are personal to you.


Cinnamon Roll Macarons

Reaching a bit further out from what is considered a traditional Christmas cookie, Cinnamon Roll Macarons are inspired by the classic cinnamon roll without all of the ooey gooey mess. Macarons are French confections that are almost meringue-like and are traditionally made with egg whites, sugar, and powdered almonds. These little cinnamon delights can be filled with buttercream, custard, ganache, or even a rich mousse and they go well with tea and work as a light and delicate dessert or a tasty snack.


Amaretto Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwiches

The Amaretto Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwich is a grown-up version of the classic chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich that is made with two chocolate-almond cookies sandwiching in a mixture of vanilla ice cream and Amaretto liqueur. This one makes a great treat for a more adult oriented Christmas party or a little something for the grown-ups while the kids have their own cookies.


Ugly Sweater Cookies

This one is so simple yet so fun and goes beyond your traditional Christmas cookies! Just choose your favorite cookie recipe such as sugar or any other sort of cookie that pairs well with icing, grab some cookie cutters in the shape of a sweater, and either make your own or pick up some icing and just let loose and have fun! Sprinkles and other fun toppings are optional. Make it a contest to see who decorates the best ugly Christmas sweater cookie at your get-together for even more fun and memory making!


Dutch Speculaas

If you’ve ever tried the popular windmill cookies, then you’ll know about what these cookies taste like. They are a Dutch Christmas tradition; in Holland, it’s custom for these cookies to be made into the shape of St. Nicholas and then the cookies are served on Sinterklaas, which translated into English is St. Nicholas Day. This could be a neat lesson on Christmas customs around the world for children of all ages and a fun way to celebrate other cultures.


K and C Thumbprint Cookies

These aren’t your grandma’s thumbprint cookies! These cookies are made with black pepper and parmesan cheese and have a spicy flavor to them that is complemented by the filling, which is made with an orange-cranberry-thyme marmalade. A far cry from what is considered a traditional Christmas cookie, this one will surprise everyone and delight many with its sweet and savory complementary flavors!


Lemon Rosemary Cookies

These cookies are light, refreshing, and not overpoweringly sweet. With a blend of lemon and rosemary, these cookies are great with a nice cup of tea, particularly Earl Grey, and they can be cut into just about any Christmassy shape that you like! They make a nice change from the more sweet traditional Christmas cookies and are something your holiday guests are sure to remember!


Mexican Chocolate Walnut Cherry Biscotti

These unique cookies are an infusion of Mexican flavor and traditional Italian cookies called biscotti. Mexican chocolate typically has cinnamon in it, so this recipe calls for cinnamon to be added to keep it authentic. These crispy, cinnamon chocolatey cookies are packed with toasted walnuts and maraschino cherries and are another great way to celebrate and learn about other cultures.


Whoopie Pie

Whether you call these delights a cookie or a cake, we call them delicious! Whoopie pies consist of two cookie-shaped-and-sized cakes that have some sort of cream, marshmallow, or frosting filling. Flavors and filling combinations are completely customizable and make a great holiday treat.


Chocolate Fruit n Nut Cookies

These beautiful and flavorful cookies are loaded with fruit, nuts, and chocolate. An Italian tradition, they go great with hot chocolate, coffee, and even tea. Make a bunch up and wrap them in clear cellophane with a colorful ribbon and give them as gifts to friends and neighbors.


Hawaiian Dream Cookies

This refreshing and luscious treat is made of two cookies that sandwich a pineapple filling. The top cookie is sometimes brushed with cream and then sprinkled with a powdered sugar to add a little extra detail and sweetness. These cookies offer a different twist on fruity Christmas cookies and we like that!


Snow Globe Cookies

Last but not least, if you want to go the extra mile and make what could be some of the most beautiful cookies you have ever seen, then you should try making these cookies that actually look like and function like a snow globe with sprinkles that shake around inside the “glass.” These are also great gift-giving cookies that can be packaged in clear cellophane or wrapped up inside of a pretty box or container.


Whether you’re adding to the old traditions or making some new ones, we hope that this list of twelve unique Christmas cookies helps you on your cookie making journey this holiday season!