10 Unique, Yet Tasty Cupcake Toppings to Experiment With

Cupcakes are such a wonderfully versatile dessert; these miniature cakes are perfect for any occasion, or just a simple Sunday afternoon, and can be decorated as elaborately or as simply as you wish, just like a full-sized cake.

However, the nice thing about cupcakes is that you aren’t tied down to just one kind of topping for your cupcakes, because there are many smaller cakes as opposed to one large cake, you can let your creativity fly or have a cupcake decorating party, then see just how many topping variations you get from cupcake to cupcake.

But perhaps you’re looking for for ideas on how to top your cupcakes; aside of frosting, candy, and sprinkles, sometimes it’s easy to get stuck in a rut when it comes to trying something new and unique for cupcakes. If you’ve found yourself in this predicament, then come along with us as we check out our ten picks for some unique, yet tasty toppings to put on your next batch of cupcakes!

Melted Peanut Butter and Nutella

Instead of a traditional peanut butter frosting, try melting peanut butter and Nutella instead for a nutty and chocolatey topping combination. Once you’ve melted them and have blended them together a little, simply pour a bit of the mixture over a cupcake and watch the two spreads glide over the entire top of the cupcake in shades of dark and light brown. This goes great with vanilla, chocolate, or peanut butter cupcakes, and we definitely recommend drinking a glass of milk with this cupcake because this topping is going to be sticky!

Greek Yogurt and Toppings

If you’re looking for a lighter way to enjoy your cupcakes, then you’re going to want to try this topping style! Simply spread some Greek yogurt over the cupcake, and then top the yogurt with some fresh fruit, whether it be berries or mandarin oranges, a drizzle of chocolate syrup, or even honey for a healthier, yet sweet and satisfying cupcake experience. We recommend doing this with vanilla, strawberry, or orange cupcakes. Be sure to either eat these cupcakes right away or refrigerate them, because Greek yogurt isn’t as sturdy as traditional frosting.

Shredded Coconut

Whether you use a buttercream, vanilla, or even a coconut flavored frosting, adding some shredded coconut on top adds an extra bit of sweetness and just a bit of tropical flavor to any kind of cupcakes. Use food coloring to make the shredded coconut look pretty, or even toast it a little bit to bring out its sweetness along with a lightly toasted flavor. This would be great with vanilla, coconut, or pineapple cupcakes for an even more tropical flair!

Oreos and Red Raspberries

This is a pretty, yet tasty topping that is sure to please a variety of palates. For a classic blend of sweet yet tangy and fruity, try frosting chocolate cupcakes with a creamy vanilla frosting colored in both red and white, then top with an Oreo cookie, a couple of fresh red raspberries, and a sprig of mint for garnish. These cupcakes would be great for Valentine’s Day or a romantic dinner for two.

Melted Jelly or Jam

For a fruity, glazed cupcake, try melting jelly or jam to top your cupcakes with! Simply melt your favorite jam or jelly in the microwave, then spoon it onto your cupcakes. Bonus points if you use a jam or jelly that has fruit pieces in it! Melting and spooning either jelly or jam onto your cupcakes allows the juice to spread all the way across the cupcake to make a beautifully colorful, sweet glaze topping. The flavor of cupcakes best to use with this method depends on the flavor of jam or jelly, but vanilla and chocolate are definitely popular options.

Chocolate Ganache

Make your chocolate cupcakes even richer by topping them with a chocolate ganache instead of a regular chocolate frosting. Making a ganache is easy, simply melt together your favorite chocolate and heavy cream to create the perfect rich, creamy ganache for your next batch of cupcakes. This chocolate topping would also work well on vanilla, strawberry, or even peanut butter cupcakes.

Walnut and Coconut Praline Topping

If you’re wanting to make a batch of German Chocolate cupcakes, try making a walnut and coconut praline topping to spread on top of them to create a topping that’s not just sticky sweet and complements the German chocolate cupcake well, but that also offers a nice, crunchy texture from the coconut, walnuts, and pralines. However, this topping would also go great over a vanilla cupcake as well.

Candy Octopuses in the Ocean

This is a cute, fun topping for cupcakes for children or children at heart! Swirl together some blue and white vanilla frosting to look similar to the ocean, frost your cupcakes, then take gum drops and sour gummy worms in matching colors and create little octopuses on top of your cupcakes with them! Sprinkle the cupcake with little white sprinkles, and even add eyes and a mouth to your candy octopuses with frosting and/or candy eyeballs.

Powdered Sugar

For those times when you want the flavors of the cupcake itself to come through without the excess of icing, try dusting some powdered sugar on them instead! Take it a step further and create a stencil that will fit the cupcake and sprinkle the confectioners sugar in or around it to create a shape like a heart, star, or even a smiley face!

Cookie Dough

This one is for the cookie dough lovers out there! Top your next batch of chocolate or vanilla cupcakes with a smear of cookie dough to give you a bit of cookie with your cupcake!

The World of Cupcake Toppings is Limitless!

So, if you’ve been looking for some creative ways to top your cupcakes, then we hope that this list of ten unique, yet tasty cupcake toppings has helped to expand your horizons. We hope that you try them out, then be sure to check out even more fun and yummy cupcake toppings on your favorite browser.

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