10 Must-Try Candies to Indulge in During Your Trip to London

Find the top 10 places to enjoy the best candies London has to offer. Have fun on your visit to London as you savor chocolates, sweets, cookies, and more.

10 Candies You Have to Try While Visiting London


A trip to London is an adventure waiting to happen. As the capital of England and the UK overall, it’s full of history and architecture that has survived centuries, not to mention the city’s art scene, nightlife, and some of its more modern, interactive architecture and tourist spots, such as the London Eye.

Visiting another country not only gives you the opportunity to learn new things and see new sights, but also the chance to try foods that you might have never tried before (and may never get a chance to try again). From fancy gourmet meals to common fare with interesting names, there are many different foods to try in London. However, by now you know us well enough to know that we’re here for the sweets and desserts, and although they have many of the same candies as we do in the United States, there are also just as many, if not more, that we don’t get the pleasure of having here. So, today we’re exploring the ten candies that you have to try while visiting London.

Double Decker

If you’re a fan of marshmallow, crispy rice cereal, and nougatine, then you’re definitely going to want to try Double Decker! This chocolate covered candy bar is a texture and taste dream for just about any candy lover. Pair this with its very British based name, as it’s named after the famous double decker buses, and you’ve got a classic British candy favorite.


In America, Smarties are little chalky, tangy, fruit-flavored candies, but in the UK, Smarties are little chocolate candy-coated candies, not unlike M&Ms, except for the fact that each color of candy coating tastes different, giving you a variety of flavors in every bag. However, the UK’s version of Smarties is made by the famous Nestle candy company.

Smarties not only come in milk chocolate, but they also have a white chocolate variety as well.

Lion Bar

The Lion Bar is a fun and tasty mashup of different flavors and textures, from its milk chocolate coating to the puffed cereal, decadent caramel, and wafer cookie deep in the middle. The chocolate is of course spot-on, but the crunch of the puffy rice cereal and wafer cookie works with the rich caramel to create a crunchy, yet chewy texture that is sure to please just about anyone. The best way to describe it is to say that it’s similar to if you crossed a 100 Grand bar with a Kit Kat bar.

Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Bar

Although they are the same in some respects, the US version of Cadbury and the UK’s version of Cadbury are two different things; for starters, the US version is owned by Hershey.

The Cadbury of Europe and the UK, however, are some of the most renowned chocolate makers, with their Dairy Milk bar being their biggest seller in Britain. Milk, sugar, and coco are the primary ingredients in this candy bar, which just goes to show that it doesn’t take much to make a great chocolate bar.

Jelly Babies

Famous for being a favorite candy of the Beatles for a while as well as Tom Baker’s rendition of Doctor Who, Jelly Babies are a fun little fruit candy that has been around for a long time and still delights to this day, and which is a British candy icon.

Made in the shape of funny little animated people with different expressions, these jelly candies are said to taste like little fruit jam nuggets with a sugary coating that tastes similar to icing sugar.

Aero Bar

The Aero bar is a truly unique chocolate bar that is absolutely worth trying once just to see what it’s all about. It’s been described as chocolate with carbonation because of the tiny air bubbles scattered all throughout it, making the Aero bar a light, airy chocolate bar. It’s a truly unique candy that can only be found overseas, so definitely give it a try if you get the chance!

Curly Wurly

The Curly Wurly is another chocolate bar made by the Cadbury company, but it’s a fun and unique candy that has been popular since its inception in the 1970s. Whether you think it looks more like the helix shape of DNA or a ladder, there is no doubt that the Curly Wurly will be unlike most chocolate bars that you have had in your lifetime. That is, unless you are old enough to remember the Mars Marathon bar, which is the closest thing Americans have to compare the Curly Wurly to. However, the Curly Wurly isn’t for those who don’t like chewy candy, as it’s comprised of chewy caramel and coated in milk chocolate.

Drumstick Squashies

Taking another reprieve from chocolate candies, we now present to you Drumstick Squashies. With a texture that can be best described as a marshmallow and gummy hybrid, this candy doesn’t feature just one flavor, but two, which is raspberry and cream. This wonderfully fruity, creamy, chewy candy is one that you absolutely have to try if you visit London!

Wine Gums

If you are a wine fan and also like gumdrops, then this candy is for you! Gumdrops are the closest American comparison we have to this British candy, but each flavor is based on a wine. However, although the name says Wine Gums, you won’t find alcohol in them, but this doesn’t mean they’re short on flavor. This chewy jelly candy is a fun and unique one that should be tried if you like wine!

Sherbet Fountains

The sherbet we’re talking about here isn’t the favorite frozen treat, but rather a sour-tasting, flavored sugar that can easily be compared to the powder candy in Fun Dip. As a matter of fact, Sherbet Fountains are quite similar to Fun Dip in taste and concept, except with a Sherbet Fountain, the stick you’re using to dip into the sour sugar candy is a licorice stick rather than the familiar chalky sugar stick in Fun Dip.

Traveling somewhere new is always an adventure because there is always something new to see, do, or try. So, if you get the chance to visit London, these ten candies are only a few of the many great, exclusive candies that you should give a try! Be sure to check out even more England and overseas-exclusive candies to try for when you next get to travel!

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